Statute of the Organization

Statute of the Organization – MIO SA

The MIO is the Organizer of the annual Miss Intercontinental competition. The Organizer will furnish each year in the competition the Delegate, with a resort style accommodation (Delegates will share twin-rooms) and the Organizer shall have the sole right to determine their room-mate. Meals – (breakfast lunch and dinner) will be provided by the Organizer – all meals will be standard meals.
Local transportation is provided by the date that the Delegate arrives in Host Country, but not earlier than one of the dates to be specified by the Organization. Nevertheless, MIO has the right to reject without stating any reason the application of the Delegate in which event the Organizer shall not be obligated to accept a replacement;
To cancel, postpone or bring forward the schedule date of the Contest or to change the host country.
In this case all licenses remain the same. If the ND/Delegate won´t be able to compete then, they Franchise Fee will remain for the forthcoming year of participation.
The Organizer or Licensor shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss or damage sustained by the ND as a result of or arising out of the exercising by the Organizer or Licensor of any right or discretion referred to in this Agreement.
The prize money in total is 45,000 USD which will be for the winner and runner-ups of
the contest.
For participation the contestant must be natural female; she must be a resident of the
Territory for a period of 6 months minimum with proof in this case required; and must have been selected from a female beauty competition conducted in the Territory or alternatively must have been nominated by the ND with approval of the Licensor.
She shall have attained the age of 18 years.
She must not be older than the age of 26 years and must be able to have a reasonable knowledge of and be able to communicate in English in addition to her native language; and she possess all the qualities of a beauty, i.e. poise, personality, charm, strong facial features and perfect figure; and must be co-operative and willing to abide by the directions and advice given by the authorized staff of the Organizer.