Wales – Sarah-Jayne Evan

  • Name:
    Sarah-Jayne Evan
  • Age:
  • Profession:
    Student Midwife
  • Hobbies:
    Gym, Modelling
  • Language:

Sarah-Jayne Evans is 23 years old. She is living in a small town in South Wales called Caerphilly. She has a degree in Health and Social Care and an NVQ in Pharmacy. Her ambition since a young child is to become a Midwife, and she is not one to give up on her dreams, this year it finally happened. She is currently studying Midwifery at the University of South Wales and thoroughly enjoying it. In her spare time she enjoy going to the gym. Keeping fit is something which she loves and think is really important this is where she like to relax. Spending time with family and friends, these people are her support system. She would not be where she is today if it wasn’t for them. She is so lucky. Lastly she is involved with a number of different charities, supporting the community and prestigious charities helping to raise money for such wonderful causes is a key part in her life and always has been. “I believe in giving, rather than receiving” she said. She recently helped with a £500 donation to a local care home, to help fund a new sensory room. One of the residents was a retired Midwife who was 101 years of age. Meeting this lady was a complete honour for her to hear her experiences practising in the 1930s and how Midwifery in the 21st century has changed.

She is so thrilled and excited to have been given this life changing opportunity to represent her country on the Miss Intercontinental stage. She cannot wait to meet all the other women from across the world and to share this experience together. “If you believe you can achieve.”