Venezuela – Ligia Petit

  • Name:
    Ligia Petit

Year: 2001

When Ligia turned 18 years her desire was fulfilled. She participated in Miss Venezuela contest 2000 and gained the crown of first finalist, which allowed her to represent Venezuela in Miss Intercontinental 2001. Also there she was successful and received the coveted Crown and lots of prizes.

After her year of reign she went to Italy during four months to work as model and got tremendous experience. When she returned back from Europe she decided to prove her luck at „RCTV“, a television channel which was looking for someone for a new Telenovella and they introduced her to the roll of „Elda“, a female in the Serie „The Cuaima“. Luckily as she is she became the part and so she began to work in the television, leaving the modelling a bit aside. After „The Cuaima“ she had a small participation in „Estrambotica Anastasia“ and carried out, next to Carlos Arreaza, the Unitarian „Chupacabras“.

At the present time RCTV has given her the great opportunity to carry out the new Allowed „Black“ soap opera. For that reason she took classes with the great actress Carmen Julia Alvarez, who helped her to prepare the personage.


Her carrier as Model

Campaigns like model Image of the Pepsi-light campaign, 2000-2002.
Model for the Men magazine of Spain appearing between the 20 better Caribbean models of the 2000.
Wedge of Christmas of Venevision in 2000.
Commercial for cinema of the Polar beer like main personage in 2001.
Commercial of Nescafe for foreign year 2001.
Commercial of Fat Triple lottery next to the entertainer Nelson Bustamante in 2002-2003.
Commercial of Wendys year 2002.
Advertising campaign of the chain of Gerals jewelry shop in jewels. Year 2001-2002.
Commercial of Digitel year 2003.
Model catalogue intimate clothes in Milano-Italy in 2003.
Advertising campaign magazines, fences and image the envelope of products suntan oil and tablets to become thin in Milano-Italy.
Experience in footbridges By two years consecutive was model invited in parades made by Giselle agency Kings 2001-2002.
By two years consecutive year 2001-2002 was model of the famous Venezuelan designer Giovanni Scutaro.
The fashion week 2001.
Parade White House modeling for outstanding designers like Valentino and Roberto Cavali year 2002.
Parade for the Chain of Vertigo stores year 2003. Parade of the mark Custo Barcelona and Mix Sixty in 2003.
Parade for chains of different stores in the City of Bogota- Colombia year 2003.
Parade of Nike in Rome-Italy year 2003.
SWOU Rum of Gucci in Milano-Italy year 2003.