USA – Selena Du

  • Name:
    Selena Du
  • Age:
  • Height:
    167 cm
  • Profession:
    MA Student in Journalism and News Reporter
  • Hobbies:
    Equestrian, Fencing, Travel
  • Languages:
    English, Mandarin, French

Some words about me:

I have received education in Asia, Europe and America. Having traveled to over 45 countries, I have learned to adapt to new environments and absorb new cultures and languages quickly. I have been working as a journalist, which allows me to interact with people from different aspects of life. I love travel and I enjoy outdoor activities, dance and sports. Personally, I am verbally expressive, dedicated to developing competence and to seeking new challenges to improve myself. I seek to embody a sense of creativity, versatility and confidence while also never losing a sense of play and spontaneity. USA is a racially diverse country, yet I am the first Asian-American crowned as Miss Intercontinental United States. It’s a great honor to represent USA at Miss Intercontinental pageant this October in Jordan. Standing on the international stage, I am making a change.

Defining the purpose, I am Selena Du, Miss Intercontinental United States 2014.