Portugal – Berth Elouga

  • Name:
    Berth Elouga
  • Age:
  • height:
  • Profession:
  • Hobbies:
    Reading Books, Listening to Music, Cooking
  • Motto:
    Live and never look back
  • Languages:
    Portuguese, English


I’m the amazing and fascinating 18 years old, Berth‘-Klarrenn Elouga from Portugal. I am a model and student, currently studying science and technology so that I can follow one of my biggest dreams and become a biologist. My prime goal is to be successful in every life’s category. I describe myself as being a very funny, happy, humble and peaceful woman. I like every kind of sport, such as volleyball, swimming, badminton; as well as fitness exercises. To live and never look back is my motto because we must never look back but always forward by learning with our mistakes