Patraporn Wang – Miss Intercontinental 2014

  • Name:
    Patraporn Wang
  • Age:
  • Height:
    180 cm
  • Hobbies:
    Swimming, Browsing in Internet, Movies, Travelling

Patraporn Wang is nineteen years old. She was born and raised in Bangkok (Thailand). She is still studying.

Sports especially swimming always been an important aspect of her life. Apart of that she is browsing the Internet as this keeps her knowledge updated. Movies and trevelling are also her hobbies. Asking her about three words which describing her best she answered „I always think positive, I am friendly to everyone as this is a part of my culture and education and I try to maintain my body so hard training“.

She loves to learn new things: starting now to learn foreign languages. She described her stay in Germany as a „wonderful time in her life“. Patraporn will be attending as VIP Guest the forthcoming Top Model of the World pageant in Qingdao (China). She is 179 cm tall and her measure are perfect for a Model as well: 81-62-94. Her favorite Drink is Watermelon Juice. Her talents are: Role Model, Leadership Quality and Cheerleading!

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