Lebanon – Dominike Hourani

  • Name:
    Dominike Hourani


Year: 2003

Dominike Hourani was born in Beirut Lebanon. She started in young age as Model and followed a dream.

She earned a MBA from the Lebanese American University, a Bachelor of Psychology from the Lebanese American University, a Bachelor of Business Marketing and Bachelor of Accounting. Participating in 2003 Miss Intercontinental to represent Lebanon among 41 Nations in the German capital Berlin was her biggest success. She then traveled the world and brought out an own lingerie line with her name as label.

She is also a member of the Syndicate of Actors in Lebanon. She starred 2009 in the Film „El Beeh Romancy“ and cut 4 Albums Etriss (2006), Kermalik Ya Dominique (2008), Dominique (2011) and had numerous hits to name a few, Farfoura, Warini Wari.

Besides she is still one of the most famous models and even host a TV Show. The Magazine Stars Illustrated called her into the 100 most important and most powerful women in the Middle East and the Arab World in 2013!

Also she is Ranked 2 on the world’s list of Most Elegant Women 2013.