Kenya – Brenda Chebet Juma

  • Name:
    Brenda Chebet Juma
  • Age:
  • Height:
    175 cm
  • Profession:
    University Student in Cologne
  • Hobbies:
    Travelling, Shopping , doing Sports, Reading
  • Language:
    English ,German, Swaheli ,Luhya

Brenda, a Kenyan lady holds much fervor with regard to life. She is a one girl who invests in herself, not just financially but with her beliefs and talents. Being the Pageant representative of her country Kenya in Miss Intercontinental beauty contest, its more of a privilege to explore what lies underneath her potential. She stand to make great things happen. She will always be a  dreamer who’ll forever turn her Cant’s into Cans and dreams into plans. Her great passion and big heart is in the giving back to the society with the little she get.

Bild mit rotem Kleid@: FotoEdmundo