Ecuador – Ena Cristina Cordova

  • Name:
    Ena Cristina Cordova
  • Age:
  • Height:
  • Profession:
  • Hobbies:
    Cycling, Swiming, Modeling
  • Motto:
    Be persistent and consistent to achieve your goals

Hello Everyone

My name is Ena Cordova and I am honoured to represent my country Ecuador in the Miss Intercontinental 2014. I am the daughter of Jhonson Cordova and Ena Sarmiento, and born in Loja in my home country, Ecuador.

In my spare time I enjoy biking and dancing popular rymths, and my carrier is to become an entrepreneur and obtain a Master Degree in International Business which is my field of study. I think that I will most enjoy the mix of countries in the Miss Intercontinental pageant and also to make up new friends and get to know the country Jordan better. My positive characteristics are persistent, responsible, kind and definitely hard-worker to pursue my goals and dreams.

I am looking forward to meet you all in Tala Bay (Jordan) in October and show all my ecuadoorian culture.