Brazil – Lilioze Mendonca

  • Name:
    Lilioze Mendonca
  • Age:
  • Height:
    180 cm
    Travelling, Reading
  • Language:
    English, Portuguese

Lilioze Amaral always drew attention for her lush beauty. Encouraged by her father at age 14, she began her modeling career and soon to be invited to participate in beauty contests.

After achieving the title of Miss Intercontinental Brazil in 2015, her routine has become very intense as it builds up the preparation for the Miss Intercontinental, her modeling career, philanthropic activities at the NGO „Force of Good“ and law school.

Lily has two dreams: to become the next Miss Intercontinental and so take a bit of Brazilian culture to the world and, after passing the title, make it an excellent Promoter in law area