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Miss Intercontinental 2016 – Train trip all over Sri Lanka

10th october

It was an early Tuesday and we were feeling the separation anxiety because of the fact that were leaving Trinco Beach. We were set to take the train to Cinnamon Bey Beruwala (the last hotel we are staying in until the finals night) and it felt like leisure is over, pressure is on cause rehearsals start the next day. But it turned out that’s not the case. We actually had one more full day of pure fun and fancy. 


The bus service took us to the Habarana Railway Station right after breakfast. Apparently, what was waiting for us wasn’t a typical train ride. Whoever conceptualized this did a really awesome job.  Who would have thought we were in for pamper and pleasure on a train? Foot spa, lots of food and drinks, live music, and even a magic show were served. Our tired feet finally got what they deserve but our tummies I think had a little bit too much. I myself had three servings of chippies and had my share of pizza, Wade (lentils), pineapple with chili, cookies and cakes. Most of us girls grooved to the live music courtesy of a local calypso band which made the situation more of a party. We had such an amazing time that six hours flew quite unnoticed. One part of the journey was  challenging though – using the bathroom with all the bouncing and bumping going on with the train. LOL.


Unfortunately for everyone who was having a lovely time, the ride was over and we had to move to the next chapter. From our drop off point in Beruwala, three-wheeler public transport called tuktuks took us to Cinnamon Bey. We were warmly welcomed to the hotel with a wonderful cultural performance, lotus flowers and refreshing drinks. Shortly after, we had to go back to business. We had our usual meeting, a nice dinner, and then was dismissed for an early night as we would need to be up early also the next morning for the rehearsals. The day i would say was spent the best way possible. It was a perfect transition from days of leisure to days of labor so thanks and kudos to the organization for this fantastic treat. 


Miss Phillipines Jennifer Ruth Hammond



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