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Miss Intercontinental 2016 – snorkeling tour

09th October

So i was wakeup bright and early on another beautiful sunny day in the Trinco Blu cinnamon hotel. I was chosen the Night before to be one of ten lucky Girls to go snorkeling and I was incredibly excited. 

We were quickly Sized up for fins and Masks before being lead to the Beach and divided up into two Boats, driven over to an Island called pigion Island!

 As soon as we arrived my attention was drawn to how clear the water was! The Beach was made up of Mainly Corals and was hard to walk on, but we were soon in the water, after some time exploring our Guide mentioned that we may be able to see more on the next bay were the boats had been parked. 

Myself the Guide and also miss Gahna (who actually couldn’t swim but that didn’t her) headed off together to see what we could find and it wasn’t long until we spotted a rather large reef shark, and it was super exciting! We also saw lots of other Fish such as parot Fish.  

We continued to explore for a Little longer and also had some fun getting some underwater Videos using a Go pro.  

The return journey was just as much fun as we turned up some Music and had a bit of a sing and dance!  

After arriving back in the Hotel we all had lunch and were then given time to get ourselves ready for a group swimwear Photo and a Pool Party that was sponsored by Waves Flipflops, at the party we were put into three Teams and had 3 different Games to play including Musical Statues, unfortunately my Team the Cats did not win. The Party went on until dark when we had a Meal before a well earned early Night.

Kelly Jayne Rowland,  Miss Wales




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