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Miss Intercontinental 2016 – cooking with the chefs

11th october


Hello to everyone, this is Jade Cini Miss Intercontinental Malta 2016 from Sri Lanka. Cinnamon Hotels have proven their food is divine and we are all very fond of that, however this time they put us to the test to see if we can impress them with our cooking.  Due to the fact that i love to cook a lot,  this challenge was more of a fun activity to help us unwind after our personality interview


We were divided into groups and asked to prepare a menu using all ingredients provided. I was appointed head chef of my group as the girls trusted me with the main job, cooking.  We discussed the menu  and prepared the ingredients,  set up the stations and on the count of three were on our feet doing our assigned jobs.


We prepared a chilli prawn salad on a bed of lettuce and special chilli sauce as an appetizer and a chicken supreme pasta as a main dish. Overall I believe that as a team we worked hand in hand and that was the main key that made us the WINNERS of the challenge on the day,  apart from the chef  enjoying our food and asking for our recipe.


Awarded with a certificate and a beautiful trophy, this was by far the best activity we did here at Cinnamon Bay Hotel Brewula.


Jade Cini


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