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Miss Intercontinental 2016 – Cocktailparty


05th October 2016

Why hello there!!! It’s Chloe Othen here and I’m your current Miss Intercontinental England here. I am elated to be competing for the title of Miss Intercontinental and I can’t believe my luck… that this year it is being held in Sri Lanka!!! What an absolute dream come true! A country I have always wanted to visit and finally now I am here and I get to share my experience with 64 gorgeous girlies from around the world! SO… You may be wondering why I am posting here on the official website… well, let me tell YOU! I am here giving you some exclusive insights into the 45th Miss Intercontinental competition.


I am going to start by divulging in some details of the cocktail party that took place on Wednesday 5th October… Let me start from the beginning… SO the day was finally here and all the candidates competing for the title of Miss Intercontinental 2016 from around the world had arrived safe and sound at The Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


64 jaw droopingly gorgeous ladies were invited to a welcome cocktail party arranged by the organisers and directors of the competition. The scenery outside was just perfect; the lights were dimmed with a packed crowd surrounded by a beautiful poolside backdrop, a midnight blue sky and an energetic crowd.


The girls and I were able to socialise with not only each other but also our generous sponsors, the organisers and directors of the pageant. I believe this activity is crucial when it comes to competing internationally as it gives you a chance to meet the people who have not only organised the experience but to also get a feel for the competition. PLUS… I’m quite the socialite; there’s nothing more I love then meeting people from all walks of life and listening to their stories.


The drinks consisted of a selection of wines and some deliciously sweet non-alcoholic cocktails for us ladies. I think I may have had a sugar rush at one point, as it had seemed that I had fallen in love with a fizzy pink concoction. Not only were there beverages but also an unlimited (or so it seemed) amount of tasty canapés. We were offered a selection of meat, fish, and vegetable dishes so there was something for everyone.


The cocktail party went on for a few hours and by the end of the evening all the girls had had a chance to mingle with everyone which of course put us all in a great spirit for the competition ahead.



Chloe xXx


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