Final 2016


Here are the results of the 45. Miss Intercontinental Pageant:

Heilymar Rosario (Puerto Rico) – Winner
Tracy Ann De Zilva (Sri Lanka) – 1st runner up

Sylvia Commodore (Ghana) – 2nd runner up
Floriana Russo (Italy) – 3rd runner up
Amal Kemer (Venezuela) – 4th runner up

Carolina Carvajal (Colombia)
Jennifer Hammond (Philippines)
Atitaya Kunnalaphat (Thailand)
Isabel Lavigne (Seychelles)
Maria Amalia Matamoros (Costa Rica)
Abigail Gliksten (Scotland)
Valeriia Samchylielieva (Ukraine)
Paulina Rulka (Poland)
Liu Xiao Yan (China)
Natalie Muslikova (Czech Republic)

Results Subtitles:

MISS POPULARITY – The one with the most votes online / Award by Cinnamon

Ni Ni Naing Win (Myanmar)


The one with the most cultural and breathtaking costume, it can be reflecting the colors of the Flag or a Fantasy Costume

Atitaya Kunnalaphat (Thailand) – Best National Costume
Dani Wulandari (Indonesia) – 1st runner up

Ana Gabriela Rodriguez (Panama) – 2nd runner up


A title which is chosen among all contestants. Each abstention will count automatically for the delegate of the host country

Fatimatu Zohra (Bangladesh) – Miss Congeniality

MISS HOSPITALITY (Award by Cinnamon)

Awarded by Cinnamon Hotel Group

Isabel Lavigne (Seychelles) – Miss Hospitality
Tracy Ann de Zilva (Sri Lanka) – 1st runner up

Julie Charles (Mauritius) – 2nd runner up


The one who is physical in best Shape and can convince the Judges with best performance in the Swimwear Round

Maria Amalia Matamoros (Costa Rica) – Best Body
Sabrina Sancler (Brazil) – 2nd runner up

Martha Leticia Suarez (Mexico) – 2nd runner up


Here we have asked several local photographers on the 2 week journey to give their comments about the Photo in the Souvenir Book:

Heilymar Rosario (Puerto Rico) – Miss Photogenic
Chloe Mary Othen (England) – 1st runner up


The title was given by the company BIONA | Award by BIONA

Amal Kemer (Venezuela)

Host City

Sri Lanka’s Capital Colombo, a port city, with a rich colonial heritage, on the Western coast is a potpourri of races, religions and cultures and will host the over 70 contestants from around the World. In Colombo you will find a contrast itself, with mansions, lush gardens, fine dining options, shopping malls packed with expensive designer brands standing next to street markets and heavy traffic.

Despite its small size just 37.31 km² Colombo offers a varying selection of experience ranging from taking a tuktuk ride, a visit to Pettah market and eating Kottu to playing a round of golf and having high tea at one of the colonial style hotels overlooking the Indian Ocean.

With many boutiques filled with international brands and local art and fabrics Colombo is the best place to do the last minute shopping and then it’s best to retire to Galle face, Colombo;s playground for some Kottu or Wade. With no doubts we will enjoy our stay in Colombo and have a fantastic time.

Visit us for the 45th anniversary of Miss Intercontinental on Sunday – October 16th, 2016!

Host Hotel



Ranked the Best Five Star City Hotel by Sri Lanka Tourism twice, the Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo sits in the heart of Colombo, nestled between a lake and the bustling city, creating the perfect, urban getaway. Like a beacon for the weary traveler and a call to the busy bee, Cinnamon Lakeside is the perfect way to escape within the city and find the luxuries of resort life.


Tour Packages

7 Nights & 8 Day

9 Nights & 10 Day

15 Nights & 16 Day

Cinnamon Lake Side Colombo

Cinnamon Lodge Habarana

Trinco Blu by Cinnamon

Cinnamon Bey Beruwela

The Venue


Stein Studio Colombo / Sri Lanka
The team that creates Sri Lanka’s leading shows such as the Sri Lankan Version of „American Idol“ or “ Who want to be a Millionaire“ brings the same winning expertise to corporate event management.The extensive facilities and professional teams at Stein Studios have delivered exciting and memorable events for major corporate clients such as Nestle, Coca Cola, Fonterra, Brandix, SLon and the Indian CEO Forum launch. Workshops for ABU, Budget forums for KPMG and fabulous product launches for international clients such as BES hair products and GSK, Horlicks. in October now the World Finale of the 45th Miss Intercontinental. Over 1500 people will be fit in the Event Hall Studio and the full equipt Hall with Led Systems and perfectly buildt Stage and Ramp will be the Platform for the Show of Miss Intercontinental 2016.


Patricio Arellano, is a singer, composer and Argentinean actor.
His artistic training has allowed him to develop his career in music, television, cinema, theater and radio in 21 years of experience.

Apache Indian, is Steven Kapur, a British singer/song writer. He is noted for a distinctive vocal style that is a fusion of Indian, Jamaican and English cultural elements. Apache Indian was the earliest UK artist of Asian origin to make an impact on the UK charts with a series of hits during the nineties.

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